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What are the advantages of plastic hoarding?

What are the advantages of plastic hoarding?

By on Aug 23, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Recently Network Scaffold Services has expanded its range of products, including plastic hoarding and safety decking for construction projects. Our hoarding is designed for strength, durability, and simplicity which makes it quick and easy to erect, adapt and dismantle. It is also possible to promote your corporate identity on the boards, plus they can be reused for another project in the future. Sustainability benefits Fully reusable and recycle Zero waste to landfill Reduces the carbon footprint of your project 100% recyclable at end of life Commercial and Construction benefits Installation service or training available from our team of installers Quick and easy to erect, adapt and dismantle External and internal applications Where can I use plastic hoarding? Here are some examples of how plastic hoarding can be utilised across different sites – Internal or external shop frontage Ideal for festivals and events needing temporary fencing Hoarding scaffolds and structures Construction and demolition projects Also, suitable for offices, soundproof areas, and hospital sterile areas Why is hoarding so important? Construction sites that use hoarding will keep intruders out plus they will ensure the safety of the general public passing by. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, which were introduced by the HSE’s Construction division state the importance of having secure hoarding around construction sites. Unlike timber construction panels, our plastic panels are water-resistant, which means they do not rot and can be reused; saving you money on standard plywood products. Get in touch for more information If you would like more information about Network Scaffold’s range of plastic hoarding, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team of specialists will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Don’t forget Network Scaffold also supplies signature scaffolding products such as edge protection, alloy towers plus access scaffold...

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Do I Need Planning Permission for Plastic Hoarding?

By on May 24, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

One of the questions we receive from clients looking for plastic hoarding is; do I need planning permission for it? According to the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007, advertising on a hoarding wall qualifies as what is known as ‘deemed consent.’ Advertisements that are classified as deemed consent does not require planning permission from the local planning authority as long as they comply with particular criteria. For this blog, Network Scaffold will explain construction hoarding and permissions that could be required in greater detail. What is the Criteria of Consent for Construction Hoarding? For advertising on site hoarding to qualify for deemed consent, it will need to meet the following conditions – No advertising is displayed earlier than three months before building operations start. The local planning authority has been notified of the day when the advertisement will be first displayed, at least 14 days before the first display date. The person proposing to display the advertisement needs to notify the local planning authority in writing and send a copy of the relevant planning permission. No advertisement is more than 38 square metres in area No part of the advertisement is more than 4.6 metres above ground level The advertisement won’t be displayed for more than 3 years However, if you need plastic hoarding for construction work in a conservation area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a National Park, the Broads or an area of special control, advertising hoardings are not permitted. Final Considerations for Plastic Hoarding Any graphics placed on hoarding walls will only benefit from deemed consent if they are placed on construction sites. Advertisements on hoardings for residential sites will always require consent. Talk to the Specialists Today If you are looking for the finest plastic hoarding on the market, get in touch with Network Scaffold Services today. We are the leading supplier for customers across Derby, Nottingham and the surrounding...

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What is Construction Hoarding?

What is Construction Hoarding?

By on May 17, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Construction hoarding is defined as a fence or barrier between a construction site and the public; with the purpose to simply keep workers safe. Construction sites that are based along pedestrian walkways need plastic hoarding to ensure that there is no interference on-site from the general public. Although additional labour is required, this is definitely a necessary hassle to help keep your site safe. For this blog, Network Scaffold Services will share some of the benefits of hoarding plus some intriguing insights. The Advantages of Construction Hoarding Here are the three main benefits of construction hoarding – Public Safety – As previously mentioned public safety is one of the most benefits of using our construction hoarding. This is the reason a lot of construction sites that are near to public access areas use our products. Hoarding also shows people they cannot enter the area plus you can further enforce the message with signage on your hoarding. To make sure the hoarding is reliable, we would recommend using a system that is wind resistant and safely secured into a base or the ground to prevent tipping. Site Security – One of the best things about using site hoarding is that it keeps your project away from prying eyes. If you are looking to keep your project under wraps, hoarding acts as a visible barrier between your site and the public. The public will also not be able to see your materials and tools being stored on-site, protecting them from potential theft. Branding Your Site – From a marketing perspective, construction hoarding is one of the simplest branding opportunities you can have. Your investment in keeping the public safe can also double as a way to advertise your upcoming project. Branding your site will add brand recognition plus could potentially increase interest and sales once the site opens. Get in Touch for More Information If you have any questions about plastic hoarding available from Network Scaffold Services, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are also the leading provider of scaffolding and safety decking for clients across...

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Plastic Hoarding – A Construction Essential

Plastic Hoarding – A Construction Essential

By on Apr 11, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Plastic hoarding is something we come across all the time in our daily lives – especially when passing building sites and commercial and residential developments. Hoarding boards have numerous uses, including showcasing advertising whilst safeguarding members of the public from potential hazards on building sites and promoting health and safety. It is actually compulsory to have hoarding in a lot of cases, with some being wooden panel or plastic, such as the ones provided by Network Scaffold Services. For our latest blog, we will talk you through the main uses of plastic hoarding. 6 Ways Plastic Hoarding Benefits Your Project 1. Securing Your Project – Construction design and management regulations state all building firms must take steps to prevent unauthorised entry to their sites; including trespassers or vandals. This means securing a perimeter around the works and installing adequate hoarding before work begins. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also states companies must physically design site boundaries using appropriate signage. 2. Protect the Public – Hoarding protects the public from any potential injury by providing a barrier between possible dangers such as building equipment plus on-site vehicles, falling objects and any other hazard that could be common on construction sites. 3. Keep a Project Under Wraps – There is plenty of reason you may want to keep your project under wraps until its finished. Site hoarding helps you to do just that, plus your project can blend into the surrounding area, avoiding any unnecessary exposure. 4. Cost-Effective – Hoarding panels are a cost-effective solution that can enhance your advertising plus protect the public in one foul sweep plus you will be able to use it more than once which also saves money. 5. Stimulate Public Interest – With the right design, hoarding graphics can generate plenty of passing interest for a soon-to-be-opened attraction or development. 6. Advertising and Marketing – Using hoarding graphics in an area with high public footfall adds to brands recognition and can help generate interest in the upcoming project or something else the company wants to advertise. These graphics make unobtrusive use of available space. Get in Touch for More Information If you have any questions about plastic hoarding or any other product Network Scaffold...

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Why Should I Use Plastic Hoarding?

Why Should I Use Plastic Hoarding?

By on Mar 29, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Network Scaffold has recently started supplying plastic hoarding systems that can be used on internal and external construction projects. No matter which sector our clients operate in, our systems always benefit their projects to progress safely and efficiently. For our latest blog, we are going to share a number of reasons why you should consider using our plastic hoarding. Reasons to Choose Our Plastic Hoarding 1. ISO-9001:2015 Accreditation – ISO-9001 is the international standard that demonstrates an ability to consistently provide products and services that fulfil our clients and the regulatory requirements. As Network Scaffold is accredited by this standard, you can rest assured that we have a proven track record of delivering the best products for our clients. 2. Work Safely – Network Scaffold is a SMAS accredited work safe contractor that is also part of the Scaffolding Association, which means we are compliant with all areas of health and safety and always undertake safe working practices. When choosing Network Scaffold for temporary hoarding, safety on site will never be compromised. 3. Sustainable Hoarding Solutions – External and internal hoarding from Network Scaffold is fully recyclable, making it a much more environmentally friendly system. If sustainability is part of your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, working with Network Scaffold is the best choice for you. 4. The Best Price – All of the products we offer, including our scaffolding and safety decking is priced fairly and competitively. 5. Quick and Easy to Fit Temporary Hoarding – Our external hoarding systems utilise a simple interlocking mechanism that does not need any ground penetration to fit, which allows hoarding to be fitted quickly and efficiently with minimised project disruption. Additionally, this mechanism removes the need for ground scans and ground reinstatement which can be expensive, leading to significantly lowered expenditure. 6. Advertising Services – Our internal and external hoarding systems can be equipped with Dibond, foamex or vinyl printed graphics of your choice. There is also the possibility of using clip-in posters and multimedia advertising too. Contact Us For More Information If you have any questions about plastic hoarding, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Network Scaffold Services. We also offer scaffolding, safety decking and edge protection, giving...

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We Are Still Operating

We Are Still Operating

By on Feb 3, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding, Safety Decking, Scaffolding |

As we begin the second month of lockdown, at Network Scaffold Services we are still operating, and providing a range of professional scaffolding services to clients throughout the Midlands.  The current lockdown restrictions allow for individuals to leave home for work purposes- when working from home is not possible, including those who work within the construction industry.  At Network Scaffold Services our services are considered essential, and as such we are able to remain operating, and providing our fantastic scaffolding services, while strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.  Our Scaffolding Services  No matter your requirements, you can rely on us to provide the perfect scaffolding solution. We offer services to private individuals, local authorities, industrial and commercial sectors, and house building construction applications. Access scaffold erecting We specialise in erecting and dismantling access scaffold structures, we can provide access scaffolding that is custom built to meet your individual needs. Edge protection  Our edge protection systems include mesh barrier systems, counterweight systems, tubular guardrail solutions and screen protection systems. Alloy Towers  All of our staff are trained in accordance with the 2005 Working at Height regulations, and with our years of experience in the scaffolding industry, you won’t find a safer provider of alloy towers. Scaffold design  Our team will work with you to ensure that your scaffold structure is designed to the required standard, using bespoke calculations.  Safety decking  Our safety decking provides an innovative fall prevention system, plus a light-duty access platform.  Plastic hoarding  We offer plastic hoarding services for anyone requiring a site boundary to be hoarded off securely.  Contact us for more information If you require any scaffolding services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our fantastic team today! If you have any questions, visit our FAQ section to find the answers to our most frequently asked...

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