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What Are Scaffold Weight Limits?

What Are Scaffold Weight Limits?

By on Oct 24, 2023 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding, Safety Decking, Scaffolding |

Scaffolding provides a safe and stable platform for construction, maintenance and repair work. However, what many individuals might not realise is that scaffold towers and systems have specific weight limits which must be complied with. As a scaffolding company, we believe it’s critical to understand these scaffold weight limits when working on any construction project, whether you work as a scaffolder or a construction project manager. In this article, we will explain the maximum scaffold weight limits, the influencing factors and the risks of exceeding them.  

Understanding Scaffold Weight Limits

Scaffold weight limits refer to the maximum amount of weight a scaffold system can safely support without compromising its stability. These limits are vital to ensuring the safety of workers as well as the successful completion of the construction project. According to the Health and Safety Executive, weight limits for general access scaffolding can be divided into four main categories:

  • Very light-duty scaffolding can support loads up to 0.75 kN/m²
  • Light-duty scaffolding can support loads up to 1.50 kN/m²
  • Medium-duty scaffolding can support loads up to 2.00 kN/m²
  • Heavy-duty scaffolding can support loads up to 3.00 kN/m²


While the above weight limits are only a guideline for access scaffolding, there are a number of factors which can influence scaffold weight limits. These include:

Scaffold Type – Different scaffold systems are capable of supporting different load capacity. For instance, shoring scaffolding is designed to support heavier loads than access scaffolding

Materials and Equipment – The weight of materials and equipment placed on the scaffold must be within recommended limits.

Number of Workers – The number of workers on the scaffold system can affect the overall weight limit.

Local Regulations – Adhering to local regulations and building codes is non-negotiable. They often take into account factors such as climate, seismic activity and other site-specific conditions. These regulations may differ for scaffolding in your area.

Scaffold Condition – Regular inspections are vital to ensure the scaffold system remains in good condition. Damaged or weakened parts can significantly reduce the scaffold’s weight-bearing capacity.

To determine the maximum weight limit for your scaffold system, you will need to consider these factors and calculate the added maximum weight on your scaffold system at any given time including number of workers, materials, equipment, tools and transmitted loads. It’s also worth speaking to the scaffold manufacturer for more information on the specifications. 

Risks of Exceeding Weight Limits

Complying with scaffold weight limits at all times is a key element to ensuring a safe and stable platform for workers. Failure to comply and exceeding these limits can lead to serious consequences including scaffold collapse, which can result in injuries, fatalities of workers and nearby personnel as well as damage to the structure under construction, nearby buildings and vehicles. 

To prevent accidents from overloaded scaffolds, regular inspections should be taken to ensure good stability. An easy way to determine if a scaffold is overloaded is by applying the deflection method. If the platforms, planks or decking can’t deflect more than 1/60 of the span when loaded, then the scaffolding is overloaded. This deflection can be measured using a tape measure and straight edge.

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