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3 Ways To Prevent Unauthorised Access To Your Site

3 Ways To Prevent Unauthorised Access To Your Site

By on Aug 29, 2023 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding, Safety Decking, Scaffolding |

When your building is under construction, the premises can be put in a vulnerable position. Therefore, one of the important things is keeping your site as secure as possible. If a site is not secured properly, members of the public or children can gain unauthorised access and risk an injury occurring from falling objects or attempting to climb your scaffolding structure. Another reason you need to keep your site closed off is to prevent vandalism and damage being caused to your site. 

For those reasons, it is crucial to prevent unauthorised access at all times, not only during the day but also outside of working hours, as these incidents could happen at any time. This may lead you to ask the following question: how do I prevent unauthorised access to my site? Here are 3 effective ways to achieve this.

1) Access Control

Implementing access control measures can add an extra layer of security including locked gates or key-coded entry systems. By restricting access to only authorised personnel such as construction workers, you can prevent unauthorised individuals from entering your site. This provides a basic level of security. However, locked gates can be vandalised or climbed over, thus giving unauthorised access so you will need to add additional safety measures to increase the level of security.

2) Carry Out Regular Inspections 

Regular inspections and monitoring help to detect any signs of unauthorised access and trespassing. This can involve assigning someone or hiring security staff to regularly check the site and scaffolding for any unusual activity. By promptly identifying and addressing any potential breaches, you can ensure the safety and security of your site. Alternatively, installing CCTV cameras around your site can provide you with 24-hour surveillance. With modern technology, the latest CCTV systems allow you to view real time surveillance of your site from a remote computer, tablet or mobile phone.

3) Plastic Hoarding 

Secure the site by setting up some form of physical barrier around the scaffolding area. These can be sturdy fencing, barricades or plastic hoarding. Plastic hoarding refers to the use of plastic sheets or panels to create a temporary barrier or enclosure. It is commonly used on building and construction sites to separate the work area from its surroundings. Plastic hoarding also helps to control dust, noise and debris, providing a safe and secure working environment. If you’re looking for a versatile and cost-effective way to prevent unauthorised access, it’s worth looking into quality plastic hoarding.

Plastic Hoarding From Network Scaffold Services

Although each of the ways listed above can secure your site, using a combination of them can offer optimum security, for instance, CCTV and plastic hoarding. It’s important to note none of these ways will completely prevent unauthorised access from those who are determined to break into your site. However, these ways will give you peace of mind and hopefully result in less interference caused by individuals trying to gain access on purpose as well as preventing those from stumbling into your site by accident and keeping them out of harm’s way.  

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