Network Scaffold


We are aware that our operations and those of the construction industry in general can impact on the environment we live and work in and so are committed to reducing any negative impact our operations could cause.

We aim to strike an equilibrium between fulfilling our clients’ requirements, ensuring the safety of clients, the public and our operatives and protecting the environment.

The directors are committed to the upkeep and development of these aims, which are regularly reviewed. We feel that it is vital to provide the necessary training to all our operatives in order that they understand the importance of these aims whilst carrying out their day-to-day duties.

The Importance of Environmentally Aware

In carrying out our work we will aim to:

  • utilise all necessary resources as efficiently as possible
  • reduce waste, pollution and negative emissions
  • promote material recycling and waste management
  • encourage energy conservation wherever possible
  • adhere to all environmental legislative practices and regulations
  • carry out regular staff training to ensure our environmental policy is fully understood and complied with at all times

Combined with our cost-effective pricing structure and commitment to high standards, our environmental policy means that we are able to offer an all-round package to our clients.