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How Our Hoarding Can Protect Your Demolition And Building Sites

How Our Hoarding Can Protect Your Demolition And Building Sites

By on Feb 17, 2023 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Not only are Network Scaffold Services able to erect scaffolding quickly and efficiently, but we can also ensure your demolition and building sites are kept safe and secure. As well as our scaffolding services, we also provide the installation of high-quality plastic hoarding. There are many ways our hoarding service can protect your demolition and building site, so, we thought it would be a good idea to educate you on some of those ways our hoarding can help.

1) Provides Site Security

The Health and Safety Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 states all contractors must take the necessary steps to prevent unauthorised entry to their building sites. A secure barrier around the site and the installation of adequate hoarding before any construction work begins can prevent the risk of trespassers entering and vandalising the property. 

2) Keeps The Project Hidden

Installing hoarding will help keep the project hidden and under wraps until it’s ready for the grand reveal to the public. This allows the site to seamlessly blend into the surrounding area, especially in large cities such as London and Manchester. 

With hoarding, the project can’t be exposed until it is time for the project to be unveiled. This limits outside pressures and intrusive opinions, enabling the work to be carried out as constructed. As plastic hoardings are a temporary measure, they can be easily removed once the project is complete.

3) Protects The Public From Hazards

The number of children killed or injured on building sites has reduced in recent times. However, the HSE has said every year, two or three children are killed from unauthorised access to building sites, and many more children are injured. 

Hoarding will provide protection to the general public from any potential injury. With hoarding, there is a physical barrier between the public and building equipment, on-site vehicles, falling objects, materials, and any other hazards.

Plastic Hoarding From Network Scaffold Services

Once the hoarding is installed, it will be verified by our team to withstand the wind and any other potential strain which may be put on it. Regular checks will be performed by our expert team to ensure it remains stable throughout the project’s development. On completion, Network Scaffold Services can also dismantle the hoarding panels for you, ready to be used again in your next project. Are you in need of plastic hoarding for your site? If so, please contact us for further information.