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Stay Safe with Scaffolding in Nottingham

Stay Safe with Scaffolding in Nottingham

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Scaffolding in Nottingham projects will be incident free if your crew are wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).
Working at height carries its own dangers, so making sure your workers are fully trained and competent as well as being in line with the latest regulations is crucial.
A staggering 65% of building projects will utilise some sort of scaffold, scaffolding supplies or access systems (such as Alloy Towers) for repairs, maintenance or construction; meaning additional care and hazard awareness is essential.

Protection While Working on Scaffolding in Nottingham

Here is your checklist for PPE for working on scaffolding –

Hard Hat that meets UK Safety Regulations – Every worker on a construction site needs to wear a hard hat that fits and is appropriately sized. This is particularly important for those working at height to provide protection against falling debris, material and objects.
Safety Glasses – If your job is deemed to be at risk from flying debris or loose material that could cause damage to your eyes, protective goggles or safety glasses must be worn. Workers in a welding environment must have safety glasses with added UV protection.
Protective Gloves – Workers who could be exposed to chemicals, very low temperatures, extremely high temperatures or electrical currents will need protective gloves.
Safety Harness – Scaffolders who could be exposed to a fall of six feet or more need to be equipped with a safety harness. Also, note it’s important not to attach the safety harness to the scaffolding structure.
Protective Boots – Steel toe cap or protective boots with an anti-slip tread will help protect workers when working with heavy materials on a construction site.

As experienced contractors Network Scaffold provide the finest scaffolding in Nottingham for any commercial or domestic project. Health and safety are bred into our culture so we will always ensure every job we work on is as safe as possible.

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