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Safety Comes First Erecting Scaffolding in Staffordshire

Safety Comes First Erecting Scaffolding in Staffordshire

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Scaffolding in Staffordshire from experts at Network Scaffold Services will make sure you get your project completed safely and on time.

We pride ourselves on continually improving our health and safety practices in line with the latest industry standards and legislation. Our policy ensures all activity taking place on site considers the safety of employees, subcontractors and the general public.

It’s not just about what you’ve currently got planned; Network Scaffold Services look at the bigger picture and plan ahead for any areas that may have health and safety consequences in the future.

The Rules of Scaffolding in Staffordshire

Every project we undertake for scaffolding in Staffordshire works in line with the Government’s Work at Height Regulations which include:

  • Only properly trained and competent scaffold contractors can be used to set up scaffold towers and structures
  • It’s the responsibility of that contractor to obtain the relevant and correct licences for the scaffold to be set up on public highways and pavements
  • The company employing the scaffolders much also check they have correct licence, that’s in date and won’t expire before works are completed
  • If the scaffold is erected in a public place, the company should schedule work during quieter times to lower the risk to passers-by
  • Once erected, all scaffolding must be thoroughly inspected before its used. Inspections should then take place every day, after any alterations to the structure or extreme weather conditions

By adhering to these rules every scaffolding assignment Network Scaffold Services is part of is safe for all involved and the general public.

Environmentally Conscious Scaffolding in Staffordshire

We strike the balance between the needs of our customers and environmentally conscious scaffold erecting in Staffordshire.

This is achieved through being efficient and reducing waste in all areas possible as well as promoting a culture of material recycling and waste management. Similar to our health and safety policy, we organise regular training sessions to make sure all of our staff are fully up to date with industry practices and legislation.

Get in Touch to Discuss Scaffolding in Staffordshire

Our highly skilled workforce brings a lengthy experience of the scaffolding industry in both commercial and domestic sectors, which helps us to fully understand our customers’ needs.

Contact us today to talk about your next project that requires scaffolding in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas.

We also offer our professional and reliable services to locations such as Derby, Burton on Trent, Lichfield, Loughborough, Nottingham and Tamworth.