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Your Guide to Scaffold Erecting

Your Guide to Scaffold Erecting

By on Dec 24, 2018 in Blog |

Scaffold erecting and dismantling is a high-risk activity, not just to those carrying out the work but also other workers on the site and the general public.

Here we will look at some of the considerations you need to make when using scaffolding on your project, no matter how big or small.

Protecting the Public from Scaffold Erecting

The following steps from Network Scaffold will ensure members of the public are safe whilst your project is ongoing.

  • Obtaining a temporary pavement or street closure
  • Operating during quieter hours, such as mornings, evenings and weekends
  • Incorporate fans, crash decks and ‘tunnels’ as early as possible into your scaffold
  • Put up barriers and signs to divert the public away from your site
  • Store scaffolding clips and other loose materials safely on the scaffold
  • Don’t raise or lower materials over members of the public or other site workers

Scaffold Erecting that Prevents Falls

Network Scaffold follows strict working at height regulations to keep on-site workers safe.

  • When lifting or lowering materials, all scaffolders must be clipped on or working within a handing platform that is fully boarded, with double guard rails and toe boards
  • For scaffold erecting and dismantling, a minimum 3 board working platform with a single guardrail is provided
  • Safety harnesses are worn at all times, fitted with 1.75m length lanyard and a 55m opening scaffold hook
  • A safe ladder is incorporated into all scaffold erecting operations
  • Scaffolders should not be going up and down scaffolds without proper ladder access and safe working platforms on each lift worked on

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