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Experts in Scaffold Erecting and Dismantling

Experts in Scaffold Erecting and Dismantling

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A high-quality scaffold erecting from Network Scaffold gives you a safe and secure platform to work at elevated levels on numerous types of buildings. We often work with construction firms on new build sites or on revamping the look of buildings that may have seen better days.

Our access scaffolding gives you easy access (excuse the pun) to ceilings plus building facades. But what happens when it’s time to remove the scaffolding from the building? Have a read below at how our team will safely dismantle your scaffolding.

Your Five-Step Guide to Dismantling Scaffolding

1. First, we will clear a space nearby to set the dismantled pieces of scaffolding down. Once the scaffold is dismantled, we will set it aside for inspection later. In this space for the dismantled parts, we will need enough room for truck access to transport the parts to a loading area.
2. Now we will examine the entire scaffold structure. This begins with the base, making sure the structure is sound and there are no visible hazards. Any ties that have previously been removed must now be put back in place. Next, we check each individual platform to make sure the wood hasn’t been damaged during your project. If the wood has been damaged, then we will remove it and replace it.
3. The dismantling of the scaffold starts at the top, removing the guardrail and posts initially using the necessary tools. We will then pass the components down from person to person and will clear this area to prevent any pieces falling on members of your team.
4. The remainder of the platform will be removed from the section below. The ties which hold the structure to the building will only be removed once the entire platform they support is removed. Dismantling scaffolding works exactly the same as its construction – only in reverse.
5. Finally, we will examine all of the scaffolding components now they have been removed. Parts that are beyond repair will be set aside for disposal later. Network Scaffold are extremely safety conscious scaffold providers and would not supply any parts that could lead to any injuries. All of the undamaged and repairable pieces will then be transported from the site.

During this process, our team will always wear safety harnesses as the force necessary to remove components such as ties could cause a person to lose their balance.

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From our base in Derby, we regularly work on projects right across the East Midlands in areas such as Nottingham and Loughborough plus Burton on Trent, Tamworth, Lichfield and Staffordshire.