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What is Construction Hoarding?

What is Construction Hoarding?

By on May 17, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Construction hoarding is defined as a fence or barrier between a construction site and the public; with the purpose to simply keep workers safe.

Construction sites that are based along pedestrian walkways need plastic hoarding to ensure that there is no interference on-site from the general public.

Although additional labour is required, this is definitely a necessary hassle to help keep your site safe.

For this blog, Network Scaffold Services will share some of the benefits of hoarding plus some intriguing insights.

The Advantages of Construction Hoarding

Here are the three main benefits of construction hoarding –

Public Safety – As previously mentioned public safety is one of the most benefits of using our construction hoarding. This is the reason a lot of construction sites that are near to public access areas use our products. Hoarding also shows people they cannot enter the area plus you can further enforce the message with signage on your hoarding.

To make sure the hoarding is reliable, we would recommend using a system that is wind resistant and safely secured into a base or the ground to prevent tipping.

Site Security – One of the best things about using site hoarding is that it keeps your project away from prying eyes. If you are looking to keep your project under wraps, hoarding acts as a visible barrier between your site and the public. The public will also not be able to see your materials and tools being stored on-site, protecting them from potential theft.

Branding Your Site – From a marketing perspective, construction hoarding is one of the simplest branding opportunities you can have. Your investment in keeping the public safe can also double as a way to advertise your upcoming project. Branding your site will add brand recognition plus could potentially increase interest and sales once the site opens.

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