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The Purpose of Plastic Hoarding

The Purpose of Plastic Hoarding

By on Jan 13, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Plastic hoarding can be seen every single day, whether to cover up building works or keep us safe from construction sites.

Network Scaffold has recently expanded its services to provide both hoarding and safety decking for our established clients plus new ones.

For this blog, we will share some of the ways plastic hoarding can be used in different settings.

The Many Uses of Plastic Hoarding

Typically a hoarding tends to serve two common purposes – to promote and for health and safety, however, there are a few more to consider –

Advertising and Marketing – Hoarding is often used for advertising and marketing by companies or organisations to promote a product where there is high public footfall. Historically these hoardings are cheaper to place than a similar-sized billboard.

Entice Customers – Hoardings can also attract business to a company, creating curiosity for development or attraction that is coming soon. The nature of hiding a site behind a hoarding naturally piques people’s interest and with the correct messaging can leave them awaiting the big reveal.

Construction Site Hoarding – Health and safety is the main reason for having a building site employ hoarding. Separating the general public from a construction site prevents unauthorised access and improves site security. Additionally, having secure fencing along your perimeter means you can have controlled access to the site for contractors. Plastic hoarding can also be used to communicate health and safety information, providing warnings about potential hazards. This is essential to comply with on-site regulations.

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