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Preventing Falls When Working at a Height 

Preventing Falls When Working at a Height 

By on Mar 8, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Falling from a height results in numerous workplace fatalities every year, according to HSE, 40 people died as a result of falling from a height at work in 2019.  

Consequently, if your project involves working at heights,’s extremely important that work is carried out appropriately, and in line with the relevant legislation, such as the Work at Height Regulations 2005, in order to ensure the protection of staff and passers-by. 

Plan properly

It’s important that any work involving scaffolding is planned stringently, ensuring that you have the appropriate equipment required for the job, along with competent supervision from people with the knowledge and experience required to complete the job properly. 

Only work at a height when it’s necessary

It’s important to consider the practicalities of the individual jobs required as part of your project. If any jobs can feasibly be done from the ground, then they should be carried out this way. Only work that cannot be carried out from the ground should be carried out at a height. 

Use appropriate scaffolding 

When work is required that must be carried out at a height, it’s important that the proper equipment is used. Such jobs must be evaluated in order to consider whether they can be carried out with a step ladder, or whether scaffolding is required, read more about when you need scaffolding.   

When work does require scaffolding, it’s important that you choose a scaffolding supplier with good health and safety procedures. Choosing a reputable organisation to design, erect and deconstruct your scaffolding according to industry requirements, will help to ensure the safety of your staff when working at a height is unavoidable. 

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