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When do you Need Scaffolding?

When do you Need Scaffolding?

By on Jan 29, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Between 2007 and 2008 34 construction workers in the UK died after a fall from a height, and every year over 4,000 major injuries are reported by the UK construction industry, with over half of these injuries resulting from a fall. 

Working at height can be extremely challenging and dangerous, no matter the size of the job. So it’s important that construction workers have the correct equipment and protection, to ensure that they can complete their work quickly and safely. 

Scaffolding is an extremely important component in the protection of construction workers, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether a job actually requires it or not. So how do you know if you need scaffolding? 


If elements of your job involve workers accessing hard to reach areas, scaffolding will definitely be a requirement in order for the job to be completed safely. Even seemingly straightforward jobs like painting a building can require scaffold structures, if external areas of the building are difficult, or impossible to reach with ladders. 

An extensive scaffolding job

When you’re undertaking a big job, you’ll most likely require scaffolding. The likelihood of a job requiring scaffold structures increases with the number of people who will be working at a height simultaneously. 

In addition, if the job is likely to take a decent amount of time to complete, it would be advisable to erect scaffold. Using scaffolding means that your safety equipment can stay erect 24/7, saving set up time in the mornings, while scaffolding can also help to protect work sites from the elements, which is helpful during bad spells of weather.  

If your job involves an extensive amount of work then the use of scaffolding is almost always advisable. 

Does the ground need protection?

Scaffolding is designed to protect not only the workers at height, but also workers, and any other passers-by, on the ground. If your job involves many tools and materials being used at a height, then there is a chance that they could be dropped or knocked to the ground, and potentially cause a life-threatening injury. 

In this case, scaffolding with edge protection is essential, regardless of the nature of the actual job itself. 

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