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Plastic Hoarding – A Construction Essential

Plastic Hoarding – A Construction Essential

By on Apr 11, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Hoarding |

Plastic hoarding is something we come across all the time in our daily lives – especially when passing building sites and commercial and residential developments.

Hoarding boards have numerous uses, including showcasing advertising whilst safeguarding members of the public from potential hazards on building sites and promoting health and safety.

It is actually compulsory to have hoarding in a lot of cases, with some being wooden panel or plastic, such as the ones provided by Network Scaffold Services.

For our latest blog, we will talk you through the main uses of plastic hoarding.

6 Ways Plastic Hoarding Benefits Your Project

1. Securing Your Project – Construction design and management regulations state all building firms must take steps to prevent unauthorised entry to their sites; including trespassers or vandals. This means securing a perimeter around the works and installing adequate hoarding before work begins. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also states companies must physically design site boundaries using appropriate signage.

2. Protect the Public – Hoarding protects the public from any potential injury by providing a barrier between possible dangers such as building equipment plus on-site vehicles, falling objects and any other hazard that could be common on construction sites.

3. Keep a Project Under Wraps – There is plenty of reason you may want to keep your project under wraps until its finished. Site hoarding helps you to do just that, plus your project can blend into the surrounding area, avoiding any unnecessary exposure.

4. Cost-Effective – Hoarding panels are a cost-effective solution that can enhance your advertising plus protect the public in one foul sweep plus you will be able to use it more than once which also saves money.

5. Stimulate Public Interest – With the right design, hoarding graphics can generate plenty of passing interest for a soon-to-be-opened attraction or development.

6. Advertising and Marketing – Using hoarding graphics in an area with high public footfall adds to brands recognition and can help generate interest in the upcoming project or something else the company wants to advertise. These graphics make unobtrusive use of available space.

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