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Permits and Permissions For Scaffolding in Derbyshire

Permits and Permissions For Scaffolding in Derbyshire

By on May 12, 2022 in Blog |

At Network Scaffolding Services, we have many years of experience in the scaffolding in Derbyshire sector. As such, our intricate and thorough knowledge has been showcased multiple times on our blog. In one of our previous blogs; we actually detailed some of the potentially confusing jargon that is often used amongst scaffolders. 

Or, even more recently, we detailed some of the most used components and equipment in scaffolding

While many of us would prefer not to acknowledge it, the scaffolding business can heavily revolve around official documentation. One of the most famous forms of documentation or paperwork which should be considered before any work is commenced on a scaffolding site; are the consideration of permits and permissions. 

Whilst the world of permits and permissions are not particularly confusing; the result of getting the documentation incorrect can be catastrophic. Being a successful high quality scaffolding company in Derby, we thought it opportune to detail what planning and permissions you might require in Derbyshire. 

Scaffolding On Private Property

For the most part, when erecting scaffolding on a privately owned property in the UK, you do not require a permit or any relevant paperwork. However, usually when carrying out work on scaffolding, the property owner has normally asked a qualified company to erect and work on the site. As such, this is considered efficient enough permission. 

In conclusion, as long as you have been asked to be there, you do not need to worry about permits and permissions on private properties. 

Permits For Public Highways

When it comes to erecting and dismantling scaffolding on a public highway, or most other non-private premises for that matter, it is a different story as far as permits are concerned. 

Derby city council advises that in order to put scaffolding on a public highway, you must apply for a license to the council beforehand. You must ensure you have acquired your permit at least 2 weeks before work is due to start. 

The scaffolding and hoarding license costs £165 for 28 days. You will need to pay another £83 for every additional fortnight of work required. 

The council have advised that structure which are erected on the highway without permission; will incur a cost of £50 plus the cost of the license. 

Do You Require Scaffolding In Derbyshire? 

If you require high quality scaffolding in Derby, we offer a premium service. We provide access solutions and are accredited to most major health and safety regulatory bodies.