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A General Guide To Scaffolding Jargon

A General Guide To Scaffolding Jargon

By on Apr 14, 2022 in Blog |

Have you ever required scaffolding for your domestic roof repair or on your commercial and you have heard the scaffold workers banding around industry related jargon? You might have been totally confused as to what half of the words, if not all of them, mean? 

If this sounds very relatable to you, then you are in luck. For those involved in the industry, we sometimes forget how easy it is to throw around certain technical or industry related terms while simultaneously assuming that others understand. 

While certain terms can be considered regional, such as words relating to scaffold in Derby for example, for the purpose of this blog we are keeping things on a broadly scale. At Network Scaffold, we have garnered much knowledge over the years in relation to the scaffolding industry in the UK and worldwide. So let’s put this knowledge to the test and look at a guide to scaffolding jargon. 

Scaffold Erecting

Starting our guide off with one of the more obvious terms. The process of scaffold erecting simply refers to the act of assembling the scaffold construction. Safely and effectively assembling the scaffold requires quite a lot of intrigues and prior knowledge. However, the actual act of scaffold erecting is simply construction of the frequently mentioned scaffolding. 

Safety Decking or Crash Decking

Safety decking, or crash decking as it is sometimes known, is one of the most popular products here at Network Scaffolding. This industry leading safety measure is an innovative fall prevention system plus a light duty access platform. Crash decking is extremely effective at preventing falls enabling the unrivalled safety to you and your fellow workers. 

Plastic Hoarding

The subject of some of our most recent blogs, plastic hoarding is an extremely usable installation service which is usually used to hoard off or divide a certain area. Plastic hoarding can be used in a variety of different sceneries including construction sites, shops, various festivals and many more. 


Standards is one of the most universally used terms in the world of scaffolding. In the scaffolding industry, standards are unsurprisingly the level of assessment of the quality of a piece of construction. The term standards simply refers to long circular pipes that run vertically and support the overall weight of the scaffolding structure. Most standards are secured on the ground level using base plates. 

Longitudinal Or Facade Bracing 

While the term longitudinal or facade bracing is sometimes not considered jargon; it is a term frequently used amongst scaffold workers which can seem quite confusing to the uninitiated. This term might seem confusing upon first glance, however; longitudinal bracing is a tube fixed in place that helps to prevent the scaffolding structure from swaying. 

Are You Now A Scaffold Jargon Expert? 

We hope you now have a better understanding of more scaffolding jargon. If you are interested in learning more about the world of scaffolding, please check out the rest of our blogs. We are sure you will find them very informative. 

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