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Hazards To Look Out For When Scaffolding In Autumn

Hazards To Look Out For When Scaffolding In Autumn

By on Sep 29, 2022 in Blog |

In our most recent blog, we detailed the preparations you should take when it comes to scaffolding during the Autumn period. Some of the suggested measures included clearing away excessive leaves, wrapping up warm to help combat against the cold and ensuring a sufficient lightning set up is in place. 

As an excellent companion piece to that insightful blog, we thought we should detail some potential hazards to look out for when conducting  work on a scaffolding site during the autumn period.  

Poor Weather Conditions 

As you might already be aware, when transitioning from summer to autumn, the weather can be quite unpredictable, even at the best of times. While parts of Autumn can see pleasant and dry weather, the season can see conditions that are not nearly as pleasant. Autumn can produce wet, slippery as well as icy conditions during the latter stages of the season. 

Accompanying this is the fact that the working conditions can be significantly colder, especially during the evening. This can result in scaffolders feeling rather uncomfortable as well as making it generally harder for them to work. 

Wet Leaves

Following on nicely from our previous point regarding slippery surfaces, wet leaves can produce ap potentially dangerous slip hazard. In our previous blog, we detailed how when preparing to work on scaffolding in the Autumn, you will want to ensure all leaves are removed from the site prior to work commencing.

If you leave wet leaves all over the scaffolding structure and/or safety decking, this produces a fairly significant slipping hazard. Slipping hazards are one of the biggest dangers facing any retrospective scaffolder, so you will do well to remove them whenever you can. 

Troublesome Sunlight

Autumn bears the unique distinction of having less sunlight than the summertime, however, when their is sunlight, it can be found to be all the more troublesome. This is largely because; when the sun is shining, it often shines lower making visibility more problematic. 

This leaves many scaffolders in the position of needing to use efficient lighting arrangements when the sun is not as present as well as finding ways of blocking the sunlight out when the sun is in a position to blind. 

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