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Preparing For Scaffolding In The Autumn Time

Preparing For Scaffolding In The Autumn Time

By on Sep 22, 2022 in Blog |

Because scaffold erecting mainly takes place outside, scaffolders leave themselves exposed to the elements. As such, scaffolders are exposed to the ever changing weather conditions as well as any problems that may come with it. These problems become all the more prevalent when it comes to the changing of a season. 

While you might have conferred that erecting scaffolding in the summertime can be problematic, this is usually due to searing heat and other troublesome conditions. Similarly, during the winter, there can be icy and tricky conditions to work through. 

While it might seem obvious that the summer and winter periods produce problematic conditions, it is not as widely known that the autumn season carries an element of uncertainty with it. For the most part, Autumn temperatures can be considered  temperate. However, the conditions can fluctuate quite drastically. 

With autumn now officially here, we thought it might be beneficial to detail some of the ways you can prepare to erect scaffolding this Autumn. 

Clear Leaves

Are there many images as synonymous with the season of autumn than fresh brown leaves sprinkled all over the floor? While leaves covering surfaces might sound very picturesque and welcoming, if there are an over abundance of leaves on your scaffolding structure, this can quickly become problematic. 

When leaves accumulate on a working platform, it creates a significant slipping hazard. The slipping hazard becomes all the more prevalent if we see periods of rain. When leaves become wet, it can make the working platform extremely slippery and even dangerous. 

This is one of the many reasons you should perform a quick clean and/or tidy up of your working area before commencing with your day’s work. 

Beware of Cold Metal

During a cold Autumn morning, the weather can produce varying levels of problems. One of which can be the handling of cold metal. 

Poles and components of scaffolding are made of metal and can become uncomfortably cold to handle when temperatures begin to plummet. While the handling of metal cold might sound like a mild inconvenience, it can actually be a more severe problem than first thought. 

Firstly, cold metal has the potential to cause a great deal of discomfort to the scaffolder handling it. Not only will this cause discomfort, it can also severely affect productivity. When metal is cold, there can also be a great deal of condensation on it, this results in the metal becoming slippery and difficult to handle. 

As such, you should wear effective hand protection such as grippy gloves. Effective gloves are also extremely important in regards to the general health and safety of everyone involved in the scaffolding process. Knowing that large metal components will not slip from your hands to become a danger to yourself and/or others on the site, is essential when considering scaffolding health and safety. 

Sufficient Lighting Arrangements 

During months later in the year, there is less sunlight. Because of this, visibility can be severely reduced. The lighting situation, or lack of, is usually worse during the evening when the sun goes down. However, even during the day, storms and cloudy conditions can seriously reduce visibility.

Because of this, you will want to ensure your scaffolding site has sufficient lighting arrangements, no matter the time of day. To put it simply, when erecting scaffolding in the autumn, you will need appropriate a lighting setup for the site. 

Wrap Up Warm 

As previously alluded to, during the autumn, temperatures can drop rather suddenly and unexpectedly. Colder temperatures can result in individuals feeling cold if not prepared for accordingly. Because of this, we will suggest ensuring you wrap up warm as and when required, especially if you are working on site during the evening and morning.

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