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Where Can I Use Plastic Hoarding?

Where Can I Use Plastic Hoarding?

By on Mar 31, 2022 in Blog |

Since plastic hoarding has been added to our vast array of products; we have frequently sung it’s praises of this safety precaution and it’s incredibly diverse range of uses which include scaffold erecting. The industry leading installation service offers anyone who requires a section or area to be hoarded off for security or practical reasons; a very easy to secure the site. 

The unbeatable system also offers potential clients the potential for incredible business opportunities. We have already touched on the fact that you can drape the barriers in advertisements acting as a free billboard. 

There are many uses for plastic hoarding. So we thought we will highlight some industries that might surprise you to know this popular security measure is used in. 

Scaffolding Erection 

We thought it might be best to get the most obvious industry out of the way first. When scaffolding is being erected, worked on or dismantled, the site will probably require rigorous safety measures. Arguably the best way to secure the construction site is by enacting our aforementioned barriers. 


Summer’s in the UK are littered with festivals of all shapes and sizes. From music to food to general celebrations festivals. The larger the festivals are, the more they will require safety measures. Looking at any large scale music festival; it is common place to see festivals goers in summery clothes with advertisement lased hoarding in the background. 

Plastic hoarding is very popular amongst festival organisers due to exceptional safety measures offered and relative ease to construction and dismantling the construction. 

Outside Shops 

From much larger scaled events to one of the most local forms of safety barriers. Next time you walk past your local shop, you might see some of our famous hoarding in place. If your local is going through a much needed revamp, plastic hoarding might be implemented. 


Hospitals are one of the most important structures in the cultural zeitgeist . This has become even more evident in recent times due to the unbelievable response from the NHS in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hospitals use plastic hoarding because of how effective it is at segregation and securing a designated area.  If you happen to be at a hospital anytime soon, be sure to keep an eye out for plastic hoarding. 


You might not be surprised to learn that scaffold barriers are used during various construction projects to enable ease of movement and general safety. As such, Offices are sometimes under construction and therefor require plastic hoarding. 

Offices usually can use plastic hoarding if the departments are under small scale construction or if there is an area that needs to be partly restricted.  

Do You Require Plastic Hoarding or Another Service? 

Now you know some of the various industries that use our hoarding, do you need require our industry leading safety restriction? If so, please get in touch. And for everything else regarding scaffolding in Derby, check out the rest of our site.