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Why is scaffolding so important in construction?

Why is scaffolding so important in construction?

By on Aug 4, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

A typical image from a construction site is more than likely to conjure up a half-finished building with several workers navigating around a tall steel structure known as scaffolding.

This is one of the most familiar aspects of any architectural job, but why is it so important in construction? We will examine this topic during this blog.

Scaffolding is installed at the start of any construction project or maintenance work. It is a temporary platform, offering support and elevation plus it enables workers to carry materials and conduct their work during the construction process. This can include repairs and cleaning but primarily its purpose is to ensure the safety of workers while the building is being maintained or built. An added caveat is that it also provides a level of support to the standing structure.

4 reasons why scaffolding is essential

We have put together 4 reasons why the construction industry relies on the scaffold so much –

1. Efficiency – Scaffold provides builders and workers with a safe and secure platform to carry out their duties. The structure allows them to manoeuvre around buildings of any shape and size quickly and more efficiently. Typically they take a single day to be erected, and will essentially reduce the time spent on-site, thus making the overall project more time-efficient.

2. Safety – Working at height carries an element of danger and risk, and as we have previously mentioned a scaffold platform gives workers a safe and secure setting to carry out their tasks whilst being stationed at a considerable height. Safety appliances such as barrier netting and fencing will also ensure the health and safety of the general public below the structure. These barriers will be able to catch any loose debris and create a completely safe and secure working environment for everyone involved.

3. Easy To Access – Scaffold gives builders and workers easy access to parts of buildings that would be difficult to reach otherwise. Using bespoke scaffold structures means it can be constructed in a way to match the building design.

4. Prime Position – One of the main advantages for builders or workers is that scaffold puts them in a strategic position to carry out their tasks. The elevation the structure provides means they aren’t reliant on ladders, which can be unstable or not secure plus it means they could be working at an angle and have a solid platform to work from. Scaffold also places workers directly in front of the building, giving them easy access to portions of the wall or ceiling too. You will also have potentially multiple workers based on the structure, which would not be possible with a ladder.

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