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Why Might You Need Crash Decking

Why Might You Need Crash Decking

By on Jul 28, 2022 in Blog, Safety Decking |

Crash decking, or crash deck if you want to use its shortened name, is an industry leading fall prevention system. Luckily, this industry leading system is provided by Network Scaffolding Ltd

While the term might sound quite aggressive and/or worrying, the crash deck is by far one of, if not the most, useful tools in a scaffolder’s  health and safety regulators arsenal. 

All the way back in late 2020 we covered some of the many perks of crash deck scaffolding, however, we thought it might be about time to reiterate some of these many positives. Safety decking (as it is sometimes known), is a much safer option than a traditional working platform. When it comes to safety systems, it really is hard to beat it. 

Cushioned Fall

While we may not wish to admit it, falls can occur when working on scaffolding. However, with our fantastic safety decking, you will not have to worry about injuries from a fall. This is because of the innovative cushioned fall system. 

As we previously stated, it is recommended a falling person is not exposed to more than 14g. This is all the more shocking when you consider a 80 kgs person falling from 2 metres in the ai will be exposed to 50g force. 

Luckily, the cushion softens the blow reducing the g force to virtually nothing. 

Our Specialist Team Recommend It

Our specialist team analysed many different types of decking systems and found that the market leading crash decking was by fall the best fall protection platform. The team have acquired years so this helps to make their recommendations all the more important. 

Easy To Erect and Dismantle 

At Network Scaffold, we love to highlight systems that are easy to erect and dismantle. Afterall, one of the biggest struggles of using a new system is the trouble you might have erecting and dismantling it. 

Luckily, the safety decking system is incredibly to easy and dismantle. Meaning you can save your all important time and use it for other productive purposes. 

At Network Scaffolding, we have many years of experience providing safe working platforms for  all scaffolding workers.