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Which Industry Sectors Require Scaffolding?

Which Industry Sectors Require Scaffolding?

By on May 23, 2023 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Scaffolding is one of those things you don’t really think about. However, it plays a vital role in some industry sectors in order to complete their goals and projects. Scaffolding can offer easy access, durability, versatility, save time and more for businesses in those industries. In this article, we discuss which industry sectors require scaffolding and what can those sectors use scaffolding for. 

1) Construction

The number one sector that requires scaffolding is the construction industry. Whether it’s needed for home renovations or large building projects, scaffolding is seen as a standard for most construction companies in the UK. It’s also seen as the safest option for construction workers to access and perform their duties at heights, instead of using a ladder. Scaffolding provides a sturdy platform for workers to carry out their duties while storing their tools and equipment on the scaffold tower.

2) Civil Engineering 

Similar to construction, the civil engineering industry would require scaffolding to properly inspect and survey projects throughout the process. Having a scaffolding unit allows civil engineers to access and view every aspect of the structure to carry out necessary repairs, maintenance and any audits or checks in a safe manner.

3) Window Cleaning

Window cleaning companies may require scaffolding to clean windows when rope access options are not readily available. When it comes to cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings or the exterior windows of large commercial properties, a scaffolding tower is a much safer option for professional window cleaners instead of rope access. They can easily reach their desired height and access the window surface from there. Professional window cleaners can also store their cleaning equipment with them on the scaffold’s platform for convenience.

4) Event Management

Event planners and event management companies can use scaffolding units to beautifully decorate venues, sets, theatres or stages. Its sturdy platform is also ideal for the professional installation of screens, speakers and lighting at height. Scaffolding units are a safe and effective way for temporary operations as scaffolding towers can easily be assembled and dismantled for future events.

5) Photography & Film

An industry that most people don’t assume needs scaffolding is the photography & film industry. Professional photographers and camera operators may need to be positioned at higher levels to achieve desired angles. A scaffolding unit can be used to hold their shooting equipment such as cameras and lights securely and safely without any hassle while they capture their desired shots on a steady platform at a decent height.

Do You Require Scaffolding In Your Sector?

If you happen to work in the above industry sectors or any other sector we have not mentioned, you may require scaffolding for upcoming projects. If so, work with Derby-based scaffolding experts, Network Scaffold Services. During our time in business, we’ve been providing complete scaffolding services to our clients from different industry sectors throughout Derbyshire and surrounding counties

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