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What is Edge Protection?

Edge protection is described by the Edge Protection Federation (an authoritative body for the industry) as,
‘primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level.’
Although quite a broad statement, this does reflect the different types of edge protection systems on the market and available from Network Scaffold.
Some of the most common specified systems include Mesh Barrier Systems, Net Barrier Systems, Counterweight Systems, Tubular guardrail solutions and Screen protection systems. Each of these offers different benefits and it’s crucial to choose the right one for your type of project.

Classes of Edge Protection

To conform with edge protection safety standards you must adhere to the European Standard of Temporary Edge Protection – EN 13374. This applies to edge protection solutions for flat and inclined surfaces. This is also the specified requirement for three classes of temporary edge protection know as Class A, Class B and Class C.
Class A – protection to flat surfaces and slopes generally up to 10 degrees.
Class B – protection to flat surfaces and slopes up to 30 degrees.
Class C – protection to steeply sloping surfaces up to 60 degrees.
As a leading safety at height provider of scaffolding and edge protection, we will support all the needs of your project and offer a flexible service that puts safety first.

Your site can achieve these standards with one of the following edge protection systems:
Counterweight Systems – This system has been designed for use on flat roofs or on slopes less than 10 degrees, with added flexibility that minimises/prevents damage to the roofing membrane. It derives its support from weighted components, fixed to lever arms and connected in turn to barrier frames at the edge of the building. This free-standing weighted edge protection system is manufactured to comply with EN 13374 Class A.
Screen Protection Systems – This method also complies to EN 13374 Class A, whilst offering a high level of containment. This is a multi-height climbing system which encloses the perimeter of the building using wood, mesh or netting.
Tubular Guardrail Solutions – Utilising scaffold tube and fittings this solution provides slab edge protection. This system does have a number of components, including tubes, couplers, handrails and toe boards, this is seen as a more traditional edge protection system.
Mesh Barriers – The majority of mesh barriers comply to EN 13374 Class A incorporating guardrail, toe board and mesh infill in one. Providing a high level of containment this type of edge protection enhances the feeling of operative safety.
Mesh barriers are simple to install and require no specialist skills to assemble plus they give your construction site a professional look.
Net Barrier Systems – Net barrier systems offer a high level of containment plus a fall arrest system constructed of energy-absorbing safety nets. This system comprises a safety net spanning between intermediate support posts which can be up to 10 metres apart. Net barrier edge protection systems also meet EN 13374 Class C requirements.
Although it is possible to combine different edge protection systems you will need to make sure they are meet the requirements of EN13374.

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