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What Fall Protection Is Needed For Scaffolding?

What Fall Protection Is Needed For Scaffolding?

By on Aug 23, 2023 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Working as a scaffolder is one of the most dangerous jobs in Britain as the chances of falling materials or falling from a significant height yourself is high. According to the 2022 Safety Report by National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), there were 13 reported falls from height in scaffolding related job roles, nine of which resulted in fractures. Furthermore, the 2017 Safety Report states there were 26 reported falls from height (twice the number in 2022). This means the level of safety has improved significantly in the scaffolding industry over the past few years. 

Luckily, these accidents can be prevented by effective fall protection systems. In this article, Network Scaffold Services will discuss fall protection systems in more detail. What does this mean for you and your workers? And what are the different types of fall protection systems available? Continue reading to learn more.

What Are The Types Of Fall Protection Systems?

A fall protection system refers to the safety measures and equipment used when working at height. Appropriate systems must be put in place to ensure the safety for workers in risky situations. There are 2 main types of fall protection systems, these include:

Fall Restraint

A fall restraint system works by preventing falls and eliminating risk where possible. For example, it prevents workers from getting too close to an edge where they could potentially fall from. A safety harness will allow workers to maintain stability while working hands-free. Guard railings, toe boards and other barricades are other elements of a fall restraint system. However, not all types of work will be suitable for this type of system, as certain jobs may require workers to be positioned in riskier conditions. In this case, a fall arrest system will most likely be needed.

Fall Arrest

Fall arrest systems are used as a last resort to stop a fall already in the process of happening as well as protecting a worker if they happen to fall. It consists of a safety harness, an anchorage and a connector. An anchor point system is designed to connect the worker to the surface they are working on and used to attach the worker to safety devices such as deceleration devices (designed to shorten the distance of a fall), lifelines, lanyards or a combination of these. This being said, fall arrest systems can’t completely stop a fall, but act as a shock absorber to minimise the shock and impact of the aforementioned fall.

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To summarise, fall protection systems can prevent falls, save lives and ensure the safety of scaffolders. All workers must be fully trained to use the appropriate safety measures and equipment before working at height. Additionally, fall protection systems must be inspected before and after every use. At Network Scaffold Services, our top priority is the health and safety of our workers. We are a leading scaffolding company in Derby and surrounding areas. For more information on fall protection systems, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions.