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What Attributes Do You Need To Work In Scaffolding

What Attributes Do You Need To Work In Scaffolding

By on Jul 22, 2022 in Blog |

In many of our previous blogs, we have touched on what working in scaffolding actually entails as well as what kind of person is best suited to scaffold working. An extensive career in scaffolding can be very fulfilling and enjoyable for many who take the career path. However, we did not detail what specific type of criteria must be met before you start to consider beginning a scaffolder. 

Being a well established supplier of scaffolding from Derbyshire, we understand what it takes to become a good scaffolder. 

While it is very hard to try and pinpoint a specific job description; this is because roles can have multiple complexities and duties to it, we will do our best to describe the perfect scaffolder. So if you have ever wondered what it takes to become a scaffolder, we will detail some of the various attributes you may need to become a scaffolder.  

Interpersonal and Communication 

We start with some of the most universal and all encompassing soft skills there are. To pretty much undertake any job, you need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with others. Because scaffolding is mainly a team effort, communication is paramount in order to safely and efficiently carry out daily tasks. 

Comfortable Working At Heights

It might go without saying, but if you do not feel comfortable working at heights, then maybe a career in scaffolding is not for you. Due to the nature of the business, scaffolders are required to work at heights. This is largely because of the fact that tall buildings require work to be had on them at great heights. 

Good Physical Health

We have recently touched on how scaffolders are required to be in good physical condition. Scaffolders are required to do a lot of heavy lifting and they are required to be on their feet all day. This means good physical strength and fitness is paramount. 

Awareness of Health and Safety Regulations

In many of our previous blogs, we detailed the importance of healthy and safety regulations in scaffolding. Scaffolding erecting and working on scaffolding can be a very high risk task. As such, correct procedures must be followed. To work safely in scaffolding, you must know and thoroughly understand all health and safety regulations. 

Good Hand Eye Coordination 

Following on nicely from our previous points regarding safety at work, workers in the scaffolding industry will require good hand eye coordination. Because workers will be working with heavy components and at heights meaning, they will need to ensure good hand and eye coordination is observed to ensure no accidents occur. 

Ability to Understand Technical Drawings

In the scaffolding business, there will be many technical drawings produced detailing the scaffolding plans for the project. Therefore, a potential scaffolder might be required to understand technical, detailed drawings. 

If you are interested in a career in scaffolding or if you require high quality scaffolding in Derbyshire and surrounding areas, please contact us. We have many years of experience providing quality scaffolding services.