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Wrap Up Warm Using Scaffolding This Winter

Wrap Up Warm Using Scaffolding This Winter

By on Dec 23, 2020 in Blog, Scaffolding |

During winter, erecting scaffolding can be tricky but don’t worry as Network Scaffold Services have tips to keep you safe.

In this blog, we will give you our top 10 of scaffold safety this winter.

Top 10 Scaffolding Tips

1. Be Seen and Be Warm – When visibility is low and the cold weather starts, using a high-vis jacket will help keep you warm and safe. It is important to be seen plus it reduces the risk of being struck by moving vehicles on construction sites.

2. Keep the Rain Out – A good set of waterproofs is essential for comfort plus they will also be necessary to deal with the conditions. If it is milder then you may prefer something more breathable, just make sure you get the balance right.

3. Protect Your Hands – A good pair of gloves will protect your hands during everyday tasks and keep them warm. Dexterity is a necessity, so you will still need a pair of gloves that allow you to do your job. If you have to take off your gloves to work, then you have probably got the wrong pair.

4. Keep Your Head Warm – A helmet liner is an ideal addition to a hard hat in winter to help keep your head warm. Fastening under the chin will protect your head, ears and part of your neck from the cold. Ensure you get a liner that is easily attached to a helmet for increased comfort.

5. Look After Your Feet – Winter footwear needs to offer great protection plus being durable and comfortable. A quality pair of waterproof and insulated safety boots improves productivity as you will feel better on your feet for longer.

6. Heavy-Duty Scaffold Sheeting – If you are working on scaffold this winter, you could be subjected to unsavoury conditions. Heavy-duty sheeting will keep out the wind and rain and helps you to focus on the job at hand. There is a number of options such as flame-retardant and certified sheeting.

7. Tether Your Tools – Cold, wet and numb hands could mean you drop your tools with catastrophic results. Tool tethering will ensure you are attached to your tools and protecting those around from a free-falling spanner.

8. Clamp Down Your Boards – When stormy weather starts the last thing you need is unsecured scaffold boards. This is extremely hazardous and could lead to boards dislodging and striking other workers or misplaced footing causing falls and trips. A quality set of board clamps ensures scaffold boards remain in place in bad weather.

9. Light Your Work Area – Winter days are much shorter and mean on-site daylight can be quite reduced. Having scaffold lighting is crucial to make sure hazards are highly visible and will keep your workers alert when the light starts to fade.

10. Stop COVID – This winter will be unique, as we all deal with the Coronavirus. It is important to protect your workers as much as possible from infection. Ensure good hand hygiene is practised and social distancing measures are maintained.

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