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Using Scaffolding For Advertising And Promotion

Using Scaffolding For Advertising And Promotion

By on Apr 28, 2022 in Blog |

Up and down the UK, it is not uncommon to see scaffolding draped in advertisements as you drive up and down city roads. Whether the scaffold is in Derby or anywhere else, you will most likely have seen various types of scaffolding advertising all types of products and services. From promoting Apple’s new product to luxury washing machine brands. When it comes to advertising on scaffolding; the possibilities are endless. 

This unique form of advertising and promotion is called scaffold wrap. Often scaffold wrap is used to hide the already existing scaffolding while simultaneously promoting a brand and/or product. This technique has proven very effective as the technique has multiple purposes. 

So when it comes to using scaffolding as an effective form of advertising, you might want to consider these helpful tips. 

Identify A Plan

Like most potential marketing projects, you will want to identify or lay out a detailed plan to ensure the overall success of the project. Some of the previously mentioned advertising projects can be quite costly as far as company expenses are concerned. Because of this, you will not want to overlook any small detail. To counteract this and ensure the project is carried out in a sufficient and timely manner; you can mitigate the potential for a mistake through effective and detailed planning. 

Strong and effective planning is essential when it comes to any commercial based or financially costly task. 

Know Your Budget and Permissions 

As you might have already guessed, scaffolding can be found up and down the UK. As such, the scaffolding might be seen in very densely populated areas enabling any potential advertisement on them to be seen by a vast array of people. If this happens to be the case; putting a scaffold wrap with advertisements on them might cost significantly more as this will be seen in a more desirable area. 

When budgeting is concerned, you might have to deal with installation fees, delivery costs and other potential small fees. You will also want to consider what relevant permissions you might require. For example, you can not just put up an advertising banner on anyone’s scaffold, you must acquire certain permissions first. 


A step often forgotten by many would-be scaffolding advertisers; you will want to enact the technique of proofing. To enact this technique, simply let as many people as possible cast their eyes over your billboard to double check for typos or any aesthetical issues or mishaps. 

Do You Need Scaffolding For Advertisements? 

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