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Using scaffolding on construction sites

Using scaffolding on construction sites

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Construction sites have helped to create a lot of the infrastructure we see around today, including towering buildings and multi-story homes – with all of these structures erected using scaffolding.

Scaffold from companies such as Network Scaffold Services allows workers to reach new heights while performing different buildings plus maintenance and repairs.

According to industry statistics from OSHA, 65% of all construction workers perform some type of work on scaffolds each year. Put simply, they are a staple on construction sites for many different projects.

We will tell you all you need to know about using scaffolds on construction sites for this blog.

What are the dangers associated with scaffolding?

The most common injury associated with scaffolds, is falls, with some structures becoming unstable due to adverse weather conditions. Problems can also arise if the parts are not properly secured or attached during assembly.

Besides falls, improper planking can lead to injuries, such as –

  • Wear and tear due to exposure to the elements
  • Improper or incomplete inspections
  • Overloading of people or equipment

How to stay safe

Before using scaffold structures it is important to receive training from a competent and qualified person.

During training, the instructor needs to go over the proper use of scaffolding and handle certain materials plus load capacity. Make sure that you pay attention and retain the information as if any new hazards arise you will be ready.

Additionally to training, make sure the scaffold is inspected by a qualified professional before using. Remember to always wear a hard hat when working on or under a scaffold plus some sturdy work boots.’

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