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Using Alloy Towers Safely with Network Scaffold

Using Alloy Towers Safely with Network Scaffold

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Our specialist team at Network Scaffold who deal with alloy towers have sufficient training in accordance with the Working at Height (2005) Regulations. Our years of experience and knowledge of scaffolding enables them to –

  • Carry out their duties at the level of responsibility allocated to them
  • Understand any potential hazards related to the work (or equipment) under consideration
  • Detect any technical defects or omissions that work (or equipment), recognise any implications for health and safety caused by those defects or omissions, and be able to specify remedial to mitigate those implications

Alloy towers from Network Scaffold are one of the ways you can prevent a fall when working at height!

Working with Alloy Towers!

Once your scaffold alloy towers are assembled stay safe by following these essential tips –

  • Adopt a three-point grip when climbing scaffolding; this can be two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot
  • Use strong and sturdy safety boots ensures better footing on scaffolding
  • Always wear a safety helmet when using a scaffold tower
  • Invest in a tool tray to keep your tools within arm’s reach but away from your feet

British weather can be unpredictable so we would recommend never using an alloy tower in high winds, if you have broken or misplaced any parts or if it has any incompatible components. Also never use a scaffold tower as a support for a ladder, trestles or any other access equipment.
Assembling and dismantling allow towers can be potentially dangerous, which is the reasons our staff are fully trained and put health and safety at the forefront of any project we get involved in.

Network Scaffold – Leading Providers of Alloy Towers

Using our years of experience in the scaffolding industry our highly skilled operatives can provide alloy towers and all other types of scaffold erecting for domestic and commercial projects.
From our base in Derby, we also service nearby areas such as Staffordshire, Nottingham, Loughborough and more.
If you’d like to know more about hiring our range of alloy towers for your next project, please contact us.