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The Risks of Improper Scaffold Assembly

The Risks of Improper Scaffold Assembly

By on Mar 15, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Last year a scaffolding collapse in Reading injured three people and came as a stark reminder of the risks that still exist when scaffolding is not properly erected. 

The proper erection of scaffolding is essential to prevent injury to workers, and the general public, as a result of the collapse. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 provide generally recognised guidelines for the required configuration of scaffolding, and it’s extremely important that all scaffolding is erected in accordance with these requirements. 

Scaffolding must be designed by bespoke calculations, in accordance with your site and requirements, and be assembled and dismantled in accordance with guidelines, with a competent, qualified person present. Scaffolding must also be regularly inspected by qualified staff, in order to ensure that it remains in a good condition. 

Working in accordance with these requirements is vital, sadly, cutting corners when it comes to scaffolding design and erection can prove to be a fatal mistake. 

Scaffolding erection from Network Scaffold Services 

No matter the requirements of your project, our team of highly trained and experienced staff are on hand to ensure that your scaffolding is erected in accordance with proper requirements, and is as safe as possible. 

We place a significant emphasis on ensuring an optimum level of health and safety on-site at all times, during all of our projects. We also understand the importance of ensuring that all of our work is carried out to comply with current laws and regulations, and we only use the very best materials and structures. 

When you choose Network Scaffold Services, you can rest assured that your scaffolding will be of the highest quality, in accordance with all legal requirements, and that your workers are as safe as possible. 

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