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The Importance of Light on a Scaffolding Site

The Importance of Light on a Scaffolding Site

By on Oct 13, 2022 in Blog |

In just a few short weeks, daylight savings time starts again. When this happens, the UK will see significantly less sunlight. Subsequently, visibility will be considerably more difficult and problematic. 

Visibility is particularly important in sectors considered high risk and where there is a particular emphasis on health and safety procedures. As you might have already guessed, scaffolding is one such industry.

At Network Scaffolding, we have frequently sung the praises of having efficient lighting as well as appropriate health and safety practices. With the UK set to see less sunlight, we thought it might be appropriate to detail why lighting is so important, especially when it comes to scaffold erecting in Staffordshire, Derbyshire or any other surrounding area. 

Reduce the Possibility of Accidents 

Potentially the most important aspect of having lights on your scaffolding structure is the ability to improve the overall health and safety of the site. When scaffolders can see more, it increases their spatial awareness as well as allowing them to observe any physical obstruction that might impede them. 

Adding to this is the fact that the scaffolders can better see potential incidents if they are going to occur. To put it simply, when working on scaffolding in sunlight, it just improves everyone’s general safety. 

It Improves The Quality of Work

If you have ever tried to work in conditions where visibility is either significantly reduced, or overall problematic, you know it will be difficult to carry out your best work. The same can be said for scaffolders. 

If people working on the scaffolding site can not have full visibility, they might struggle to carry out good quality work. By having sufficient lighting, you allow them to carry out work to the best possible standard. 

It Can Cause Discomfort To Workers 

While on the topic of how lighting can affect scaffold workers, some thought must be given to how it can cause a great deal of discomfort to the workers. Trouble having visuals when working can be more than a mild hindrance, it can drastically affect your overall performance and general comfort. Scaffolders overall enjoyment and pleasure is of paramount importance, especially if you want to see high quality work. 

Reputable Scaffold in Derbyshire 

We are a highly established scaffolding company from Derbyshire, we always practise high quality scaffolding health and safety practises, whether that is to do with lighting or any other health and safety regulation. So if you require scaffolding services, why not contact us today?