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The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding

The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding

By on Sep 8, 2022 in Blog, Scaffolding |

If you have ever visited Derby, or any surrounding areas for that matter, the chances are you will have noticed domestic and commercial scaffolding in some form or another. Scaffolding in Derby is one of the most important industries in the county and it is one of the reasons we enjoy singing the local industries praises so much. 

All of this being said, there are a few distinct different forms of scaffolding. Arguably the main difference between various types of scaffolding is whether the scaffolding is intended for commercial or domestic purposes. 

When scaffold erecting, establishing whether the structure is intended for domestic or commercial purposes is all but essential. Because of this, we have decided to detail some of the main differences between commercial and domestic forms of scaffolding. 

Commercial Scaffolding

Before delving into what the main difference between commercial and domestic scaffolding is, we thought it best to detail what is meant by each term. As such, we thought why not start with commercial scaffolding. 

We thought it optimal to start with commercial scaffolding as commercial scaffolding is usually on a much larger scale. To put it plainly, commercial scaffolding is scaffolding designed for the repair and construction of traditional commercial buildings. 

Commercial buildings can include, but are not limited to; skyscrapers, corporate offices, construction sites and even inside shopping centres. In most cases, commercial scaffolding is taller than domestic scaffolding, this is unsurprising as typically commercial buildings are larger than domestic ones.

Additionally, commercial scaffolding is usually exposed to the general public, because of this, the structure requires extra attention in regards to health and safety. 

Domestic Scaffolding

Domestic forms of scaffolding are usually on a much smaller scale. This is because the scaffolding usually caters to smaller premises such as flats, houses or any other smaller domestic property. 

Despite being significantly smaller as well as not being on direct display to the general public, it does not mean there is less of a need for health and safety procedures and regulations. Correct and thorough health and safety is paramount to ensure the safety of you, the residents and the building structures. 

What Are The Differences? 

The main difference between commercial and residential scaffolding is the complexity and size of the structure required. Scaffolding contractors and residents are usually at greater risk in commercial properties and areas. Commercial structures are usually taller meaning the attached structure needs to be more rigid and well balanced as well as requiring more attentive maintenance procedures. 

We Provide High Quality Scaffolding Services 

At Network Scaffolding, we provide many great forms of scaffolding which cater to both commercial and residential properties. When it comes to scaffold erecting, we have plenty of knowledge and expertise. Therefore, if you require help or other information about our services, please contact us