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The Benefits Of Access Scaffolding For Large-Scale Projects

The Benefits Of Access Scaffolding For Large-Scale Projects

By on Mar 22, 2023 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Scaffolding has been a major part of the construction industry for many centuries. Despite being around for an extremely long time, it remains one of the most beneficial and life-saving structures for construction workers. In this article, we will list the main benefits of access scaffolding for large-scale construction projects.

1) Better and Safer Working Conditions

The main benefit of scaffolding is to provide better and safer working conditions at height for construction workers as well as other personnel on-site. It is much safer than using ladders because a scaffold tower is assembled with aluminium plywood decks, stair towers and steel or wooden plank systems, metal poles and fittings to hold the framework efficiently and securely. Ladders can slip and fall easily if not secured in place properly, causing injuries. A scaffold tower is a better alternative because they provide a solid framework for workers with more room to move around.

2) Easy Access

Construction work can become more difficult to perform if access to some parts is limited or restricted. Due to the way scaffolding was designed, workers and other personnel get full access to all areas of the building under construction. This is why scaffolding is a great solution as it allows easy access and free movement to move from one part to the next smoothly, no matter how many workers are on the scaffold tower or how tall or large the building is.

Not only does it give easy access for construction workers but also for personnel who wish to gain access inside the building. At Network Scaffold Services, our operations take place during quieter times to prevent access restrictions inside your building for you and your workers.

3) Increase Productivity

Easy access and better and safer working conditions can lead to increased productivity. A scaffold tower allows construction workers to perform painting and plastering tasks on hard-to-reach areas. Workers can also store tools and materials on the scaffold tower without the hassle of carrying tools and materials up and down ladders. This means scaffolding is a fantastic time-saving structure for large-scale projects. These little improvements can help speed up the overall process of construction work.

4) Durable

Scaffold towers can last for a very long time. Thanks to their sturdy structure, scaffold towers are built to stay standing for as long as construction work takes to complete. Some large-scale projects take a longer time than expected to complete due to unexpected setbacks. Extreme weather conditions can also delay construction work. However, scaffold towers can withstand harsh British weather all year around.

5) Versatile

Scaffolding is suitable for different types of projects in a wide range of sectors including retail, industrial, housing developments and so on for building managers, local authorities, and building construction companies. At Network Scaffold Services, we understand scaffolding isn’t the same for all larg- scale projects as some projects have varying requirements.

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