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Scaffolding Insurance Explained

Scaffolding Insurance Explained

By on Oct 29, 2020 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Whether you are buying scaffolding insurance for the first time or looking to renew it, there is a number of factors to consider.

Here at Network Scaffold Services, we put our staff and business at the forefront of our minds ensuring our scaffold, safety decking and plastic hoarding is as safe as possible.

In this post, we will tell you all you need to know about scaffolding insurance and why it is so important.

What is Scaffolding Insurance?

Scaffolding is a high-risk business, where all the risks need to be taken into consideration on a day-to-day basis. Consider risks for your team, contractors and members of the public, as anything can happen to anyone at any time.

Without insurance, any accident that occurs on your site means your business could be financially liable if an accident was caused by you.

The insurance is therefore designed to protect you financially, against unforeseen accidents.

Why Do You Need It?

Insurance will mitigate risk, even the unavoidable and unknown risks of the scaffold industry. Because of the nature of the work, scaffolders are put at greater risk than many other trades.
From erecting the scaffolding to working on it, maintaining it and dismantling it, think about the different types of accidents that could happen to you, your colleagues, contractors, members of the public plus the site if an accident happens.

What Types of Insurance are Available?

Scaffold insurance is made up of a number of different insurance types because each covers a different risk –

Public Liability Insurance – This is the main type of insurance which is designed to protect your business if a third party makes a claim against your company for causing an accident or injury to themselves or damage to their property. If you are found to be legally responsible for the injury or damage claim, public liability insurance will assist with paying the financial cost.

Employer’s Liability Insurance – If your scaffolding business directly employs people, whether full time, part-time or contractors, there is a legal requirement for you to have employer’s liability insurance. This is designed to protect an employee should something happen to them when operating and working on the scaffolding. If you are found to be legally responsible, employers liability insurance helps to pay the financial cost to the employee.

There are a number of other types of insurances when looking at scaffolding insurance. For example, Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you against claims from a client who has lost money as a result of a perceived sub-standard service.

Get in Touch With Any Questions

If you have any questions about scaffolding insurance, please do not hesitate to contact Network Scaffold now.