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Scaffolding In Derbyshire This Summer

Scaffolding In Derbyshire This Summer

By on Jul 7, 2022 in Blog |

Whilst summers in Derbyshire do not typically reach extremely high temperatures; the summer season can create unique and special problems. This summer is forecast to be potentially the hottest on record. As such, there be certain unique problems. This is even more apparent when you consider scaffolding in Derbyshire. 

Typically, summers in Derby can reach temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius. However, it must be noted that the average temperature for the summer period is only about 21 degrees. It is not just the high temperatures which can cause problems in the summer though. There can also be a significant amount of rainfall. 

While Derby in the summer might only see around 8 days of rainfall a month, when the rain does come down, it can seem quite significant and problematic. 

Now that summer has officially arrived, we thought why not take a look at some of the ways you can work on and/or erect scaffolding in Derby this summer. 

Eye Protection 

When working on any construction project, eye protection should be handled with a great deal of care. This is all the more relevant in the summer however. We might hope that through the majority of the summer, the sun will be shining.

While the sun shining might help to improve your mood, it can actually produce a visual impairment when working. If the sun is shining directly into a worker’s eyes it will make it much harder for them to see and subsequently will make them feel uncomfortable. To combat this, you might want to ensure that your workers have eye protection and/or shade to avoid the glare of the sun. 

More Frequent Breaks During Extreme Temperatures

As previously alluded to, sometimes in Derbyshire, temperatures can reach abnormal heights. If this rare occurrence is to happen, then you might want to consider taking more frequent breaks. 

Performing physical activities at the warmest point in the day can cause the body to overheat. To combat this, try to take more water breaks during the warmest parts of the day and also find shade where possible. 

Provide Shade Where Possible

As previously alluded to, you will want to provide shade to workers where possible. This helps protect against heat exhaustion and this can also lessen the need for protective shades. We are sure you want your workers to be safe and comfortable. By providing shade where possible, this is one of the most simple and effective ways to do this. 

Don’t Forget About The Possibility of Rain

As previously mentioned, just because summer has arrived does not mean we can forget about the possibility of a sudden downpour. Heavy rainfall can hit at just about any time. As such, be sure to be prepared for heavy rainfall and be sure to check that all relevant safety precautions are set. 

At Network Scaffolding, we have years of experience providing high quality scaffolding services. As such, we have a plethora of knowledge regarding scaffolding in Derbyshire that we enjoy sharing with you. So please keep up to date with our blogs for more interesting news and information.