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Do You Need Scaffolding in Derbyshire Following Storm Doris?

Do You Need Scaffolding in Derbyshire Following Storm Doris?

By on Mar 6, 2017 in Blog |

As Storm Doris swept through the country delivering gale force winds, many properties were left damaged, with roofs in particular needing repairs and maintenance. If you were affected and you’re in search of scaffolding in Derbyshire which is cost effective, professional, and dependable at all times, look no further than Network Scaffold Services. As we are Derby based, we are perfectly placed to provide you with a range of scaffolding options, including the construction of bespoke systems for hard to reach sites.

The Safest Scaffolding in Derbyshire

Whether you need scaffolding in Derbyshire for roofing maintenance and repairs following storm Doris, or structures have been left unstable, we can provide you with the perfect scaffolding solution. Throughout all our operations, safety always comes first and we take great pride in providing the safest scaffolding in Derbyshire, whether it is access scaffolding, edge protection or allow towers.

No matter how big or small your project may be, or how high up the site is, we always follow a strict health and safety policy which we as a company believe is vital to good workmanship. This means that we always take great care to ensure that all activities are safe for employees, subcontractors and others who encounter our work, including the general public. To ensure this, only members of our highly trained and experienced team are responsible for erecting and dismantling your system. We also perform complete site safety checks always.

Following the disruption caused by Storm Doris, we guarantee to provide you with the platform you need to quickly and efficiently repair any structure.

Contact Us Today for Scaffolding in Derbyshire

If your property or structure was damaged as a result of gale force winds and you are in need of professional and fast scaffolding in Derbyshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can provide you with a range of scaffolding services which you can read more about our services online here, a member of our friendly and dedicated team will also be able to provide you with a no obligation quote. For a stress free, professionally managed scaffolding solution, look no further than Network Scaffold Service UK Ltd.