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Safety Decking Explained

Safety Decking Explained

By on Jul 5, 2021 in Blog, Safety Decking |

Since we started supplying safety decking, Network Scaffold Services have received plenty of enquiries from scaffold contractors look to hire our ‘crash decks’.

The term ‘Crash Decking’ is commonly used by construction site professionals when describing fall safety solutions.

The term implies there is going to be some kind of impact and it has become associated with the possibility of stopping a falling person or a crash or fall from height.

How our safety decking works

Network Scaffold‘s safety decks provide an internal fall prevention/work platform for traditional build and construction projects. Please note it is designed to prevent falls, not protect you against them.

Our market-leading system is mats designed to mitigate the risk of injury to workers who may fall from heights up to 2.5 metres.

Following a rigorous testing regime, our system will also comply with UK Health and Safety regulations.

If a worker is on top of our platform they will be safe and secure and cannot fall.

Falling from Height

When thinking about a worker falling from a height it will be a completely different scenario if they fell onto a deck instead. While your body may experience a tremendous amount of g-force in a short space of time during an accident; this is greatly reduced by crash decking.

The system is designed to flex and absorb some of the shock of falling objects and is not designed to protect a person from falling from a height. The more rigid the crash deck, the greater the G-force that would be exerted upon the worker.

Get in touch for more information

For anyone interested in knowing more about crash decking from Network Scaffold Services, please contact us now.

Don’t forget we also provide access scaffolding, plastic hoarding plus alloy towers and edge protection for clients right across Derby and the surrounding areas.