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Roofing Repairs using Scaffolding

Roofing Repairs using Scaffolding

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Replacing tiles, repairing cracks and structural jobs are all complex tasks for carrying out roof repairs.

Network Scaffold would always recommend you work with a qualified roofing professional, as they all have several risks for both access and safety that you need to be aware of.
The important question is – do you need scaffold or a ladder for roof repairs?

Scaffolding will cost you more, but can put a price on safety?

What you get with scaffolding from Network Scaffold, is high-quality scaffold from accredited professionals who are members of the Scaffolding Association.
Below we are going to provide the necessary guidelines for your next project to help to make an informed decision.

What Size is the Project and How Can Scaffolding Help?

For smaller projects, such as a minor gutter repair or fallen roof tile towards the edge of the roof that only needs one of two people – you will be okay using a ladder.
However, for larger repairs such as laying new roof tiles across your whole roof requires a proper risk assessment report – meaning you need scaffolding.

Jobs that require work on your entire roof are also going to need scaffold, as it gives those carrying out repairs a safe and sturdy platform to stand on and carry out the work more efficiently than going up and down a ladder every few seconds. For workers on the ground, scaffolding is also safer, as if the scaffold is fitted with edge protection it will alleviate the risk of materials falling and causing injuries.

Chutes can also be installed to allow the safe transportation of materials.

How Long Could Your Project Take?

If your project takes longer than a day, using scaffold is always the best option, as it is more efficient plus the fact the elements can take their toll over a number of days. Scaffolding is much more robust in harsher conditions compared to a ladder.
With the recent Storm David, Storm Ciara and Storm Jorge reinforcing this point.

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