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New Homes in Nottingham Will Need Scaffolding

New Homes in Nottingham Will Need Scaffolding

By on May 3, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

A new mixed-use development has been announced for the edge of Nottingham, which will create 3000 homes with plenty of scaffolding needed.

The £83m packages of Government funding will support the delivery of the infrastructure at Fairham and create new homes and jobs in the area.

This project will also deliver a new school, community centre, health centre, sports pitches, community parks plus woodland.

Robert Hepwood, Land and Planning Director at Clowes Developments, said:

“This funding package from the Government really helps us to make progress on-site across Fairham and start to realise our vision of a green and distinctive new district for Nottingham.

“By working in partnership with public bodies we can now accelerate the delivery of new jobs and new homes for Nottinghamshire. We’re sure that people will begin to see further progress on-site throughout this year with our first new homes due to start construction in the autumn.”

Next, we will discuss why scaffolding will be crucial to help the project be completed in the quickest time.

Knowing When You Need Scaffolding

Scaffolding from Network Scaffold Services is required once a thorough risk assessment has concluded it is needed. A risk assessment must by law be carried out on any job where any employees are working at height. It is not a legal requirement when an individual is completing the work privately, but it is common sense to take your safety seriously.

Employees that are working at height must by law be safeguarded. Although low-risk jobs such as minor roof repairs to domestic properties could use a ladder, we would always recommend utilising scaffolding or a working platform for Health and Safety reasons as they increase stability and reduce the risk of accidents happening.

If you are planning to be working at heigh for long periods of time or moving about at height, then it is important to have a safe working platform such as an appropriately designed scaffolding system.

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