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Do I need scaffolding for roof repairs?

Do I need scaffolding for roof repairs?

By on Jul 18, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

While you may not think that domestic roofing repairs need a professional to complete, scaffolding will be required for health and safety purposes.

Before attempting roof repairs, you will need to consider how to complete the job safely whilst ensuring the building remains in a good and stable condition.

If your repairs are not done properly, water will be able to get through and damage internal ceilings and walls which is costly and inconvenient to rectify.

If you have doubts about your ability to fix a roofing issue, it is probably more cost-effective to talk to an expert.

5 questions to ask when considering scaffolding

What are the rules?

Health and safety rules will always advise having a proper risk assessment carried out if more than four people are working at height. The results will often conclude the safest way to complete this task is by using a scaffold.

How big is the job?

Jobs that involve working on the entire roof will always require scaffolding. These platforms are designed to keep workers at height safe and those based on the ground. If there is a risk of tools or materials falling from the roof, then a scaffold with edge protection will be needed around the platform. If materials are being passed from the roof to the ground a chute will need to be fitted to the edge of the scaffolding to allow for safe transportation.

How long will the job take?

If your job is likely to last more than two days, especially given the unpredictable British weather, we would always advise using a scaffold. This helps to cover up an unfinished roof plus you can protect the roof, tools and materials from adverse weather.

Do I need a platform?

If your repairs involve working on a chimney you should always use scaffold as a safe working platform. While there are other alternatives, none are as safe as systems from Network Scaffold as your safety is always worth investing in.

When is scaffolding not needed?

If your job is quite simple and takes no more than a day, using a safely secured ladder is all you will need. However, consider an alternative if there is any risk of you falling or tools and materials falling to the ground below. Examples of jobs you won’t need scaffolding for, include replacing tiles, working on guttering and mending valleys.

Repairs for single storey flat roofs won’t need scaffold either with a secure ladder and a chute for discarded materials sufficient.

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