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Keep Your Site Safe with Scaffolding in Tamworth

Keep Your Site Safe with Scaffolding in Tamworth

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Construction sites can be dangerous if health and safety regulations aren’t followed by workers. Here at Network Scaffold, we understand this, and this is the reason we have such a strict health and safety policy. When working on scaffolding in Tamworth, you need to make sure your workers are safe at all times plus the general public if you are working in populated areas.

Common Sense and the Rules of a Construction Site

A recent study from a provider of industry workwear has revealed some of the most ludicrous health and safety rules from different firms.
Here are some of the most bizarre rules they discovered –

Banning Short Sleeves – Given the recent heatwave across the country, this policy seems quite strange. The poll revealed 31% of participants were banned from wearing short sleeve shirts on site. A growing trend in the industry is for more and more companies employing a ‘long-sleeve PPE’ policy when working on their sites.
Hard Hats Aren’t Compulsory – Across the construction industry, around 3% of workers polled sustained a work-related head injury with 11% of these coming from being struck by an object. Whilst it isn’t 100% compulsory by law to wear a safety helmet it’s expected of workers and anyone entering the site to lower the risk of head injuries.
No Ban on Heavy Lifting – According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) handling, lifting and carrying heavy items make up 20% of non-fatal injuries to employees. These factors can cause immediate damage to muscles and tendons such as sprains and pains – leading to longer-term or recurrent problems.

Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding in Tamworth

For both domestic and commercial scaffolding in Tamworth, there’s only one choice – Network Scaffold Services!
With a rich vein of experience, we have been providing an excellent standard of workmanship for decades to customers right across the Midlands.

Here are some projects or operations you can use scaffolding –
• Roofing maintenance and repair
• New Builds
• Shoring for unstable structures whilst property redevelopment takes place

Plus Network Scaffold are a BS OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited contractor and a member of a Scaffolding Association; giving you assurance of our quality.

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