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Introducing our new Safety Decking Services  

Introducing our new Safety Decking Services  

By on Dec 1, 2020 in Blog, Safety Decking |

Safety decking from Network Scaffold Services, is an innovative fall prevention system, with a light-duty access platform, created thanks to our commitment to diversifying the decking market in the new build construction sector.

Easy to erect, it consists of components used when forming an access deck, preventing falls as the structure reaches the storey height for the installation of floor joists, concrete beams or roof trusses.

Ensuring the safety of your site

Our safety decks will ensure that your construction site is as safe as possible and that it conforms to the latest HSE guidelines. We aim to provide the reassurance that you and your team are working in the most secure environment.

An improved environment for your team

Our safety decking can be erected to an unlimited area within an enclosed zone, meaning that your workforce will have a fully safe and clear working area, plus maximum freedom of movement. This will increase the installation rate of your team for precast flooring systems, timber joists and roof trusses.

Our safety decking is easy to install, versatile and resistant to UV degradation, rot and chemicals. It features a non-slip surface and is suitable for all roof truss work and chamber joist floor installation.

Quality Assured from Network Scaffold

We carry out robust and rigorous testing over and above the British standard specifications, to ensure the absolute safety and durability of our safety decking.

Network Scaffold Services also offer training for anyone who purchases our safety decking system, to ensure that it’s installed properly and safely. We understand the importance of introducing a new product to our clients and establishing a genuine working relationship. Alternatively, we also offer a full installation service.

To find out more about our safety decking system, feel free to contact us today; we look forward to hearing from you.