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How To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly Whilst Using Scaffolding

How To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly Whilst Using Scaffolding

By on Jun 19, 2023 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Scaffolding is an essential part in many industries. Whether your company wishes to undergo construction work or has a renovation project on the horizon, scaffolding has many uses in the business landscape. It provides a safe and stable platform for construction workers to access areas and perform work at height. However, using scaffolding for your business can become a safety hazard for your employees, customers and anyone passing through your building. In this article, we will discuss some ways to keep your business running smoothly whilst using scaffolding.

Inform Your Customers And Train Your Staff

Before erecting scaffolding, we advise you to inform your employees and customers to ensure they are fully aware of the construction work being done. This includes informing customers on how to safely enter and exit the building, as well as training employees on the safety measures that need to be taken. 

Securing the outside of the building is just as important. If your building is located near a busy pedestrian street, we advise you to place clear signage outside your building to inform anyone who is passing through to stay clear. These procedures can help prevent the risk of accidents and injuries happening while using scaffolding.

Keep The Work Area Clean and Clear 

It’s important to keep the work area around the scaffolding clean from debris and clear from safety hazards such as tangled cable and extension leads. This will prevent trips or falls while staff or customers pass through the area under construction. Even better, if it is possible to border off the work area until the construction work is completed will help dramatically lower the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Conduct Regular Safety Inspections

Accommodating safety measures is conducting regular safety inspections on the scaffolding structure. Safety inspections should be conducted before it’s used for the first time, every 7 days until it is dismantled and if it was exposed to harsh weather conditions. These safety inspections ensure the scaffolding structure is in good condition and properly secure to prevent any part from tipping over or collapsing in decidedly worse weather conditions. In addition, make sure to check for missing pieces that could pose a safety hazard, as well as checking for fire or electric hazards.

Choose a High-Quality Scaffolding Company

The best way to ensure your business runs smoothly whilst using scaffolding is to choose a high-quality scaffolding company which meets industry standards. Cheap scaffolding may save you money in the short-term, but if you encounter a major problem later on, it can cause a stressful situation and cost you more in the long run to fix it.

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By following this guidance, you can ensure the safety of your customers, employees and any passing pedestrians while using scaffolding and your business continues to run smoothly with the least amount of disruption. At Network Scaffold Services, we are an accredited scaffolding company based in Derby. We offer scaffolding services to private individuals, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottingham, Loughborough and surrounding areas of the Midlands. Our main priority is the health and safety of our clients and we ensure to fully comply with all industry laws and regulations during our operations.

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