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How is scaffolding used on commercial buildings?

How is scaffolding used on commercial buildings?

By on Oct 17, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Scaffolding from Network Scaffold Services is a complex and specially designed construction of metal pipes and tubes, which is primarily used to support structures.

While our structures are commonly used for domestic property projects such as loft conversions or extensions. But they are also used on commercial sites for a number of reasons.

For our latest post, we will tell you all the commercial uses for our scaffold structures.

Using Scaffolding for Construction and repairs

Despite the amount of equipment and tools available, including cranes and extendable ladders, scaffolding is the most cost-effective way of constructing a building. According to industry statistics, around 2.3 million or 65% of construction workers use scaffolds in their work.

Shopping centres, banks, cafes, small retail shops and other commercial properties can all benefit from using scaffold structures with no limit on size. Whether areas are being expanded or built from scratch, scaffold helps workers reach heights safely.

It is also used for repairs and renovations, so buildings, landmarks and tourist attractions are kept in great condition. Using bespoke scaffold structures makes it easier to access, which can be designed by Network Scaffold Services.


Large scale posters and other forms of advertising offer excellent visibility for brands and companies. Catching the eye of passersby and commuters by using scaffolds to advertise products, events or services is a great idea. Some billboards also use scaffolds to hold them up plus make it easier to replace a poster with another.


Concerts, gigs and other forms of entertainment all incorporate scaffolds to erect different parts of the stage and set up. For bigger arena‚Äôs; a lot of work goes into the show’s production with a professional team working long hours to give ticket holders the best experience. Because scaffolding is very flexible; it can be built around different structures as and when needed, which is useful for installing lighting, seating, special effects or sound systems.

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