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How Safety Decking is constructed?

How Safety Decking is constructed?

By on Aug 11, 2021 in Blog, Safety Decking |

Scaffold safety decking has been a widely used component in the construction industry for 20 years.

These systems help to prevent falls, with the deck elevated to a position just below the working surface. This original concept has been further developed; with recent systems providing a more rigid and stable working platform using relatively light components, which are easy to erect.

Issues that Safety Decking addresses

Systems used by Network Scaffold Services are used to combat problems faced by operatives installing roof trusses. These issues include –

  • There is nowhere for them to stand when fixing and bracing trusses
  • Having a satisfactory anchorage point for personal fall arrest equipment is difficult to find

The trellis innovation for safety decks protects operatives by providing a temporary work platform.

The industry’s standpoint on safety systems has also evolved, with an emphasis on risk control. This includes a heavy lean towards PPE plus the decks being passive collective fall prevention for all operatives working on it.

How are these systems manufactured?

PVC components for safety decks are manufactured by specialist plastic organisations that use technology for moulding configurations for a number of component shapes. The moulding manufacturing technique provides a number of advantages over other forms of manufacture. As the system components are formed with no requirement for additional cutting of the plastic, which could potentially weaken the component at the cut area.

The trellis arrangement is manufactured in aluminium square tubular sections and cut to the required size. Then they are riveted together, forming the extendable trellis. This is the point when the manufacturer’s logo and any further paintwork would be applied.

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