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Understanding Fall Protection Systems for Scaffolding

Understanding Fall Protection Systems for Scaffolding

By on Apr 25, 2021 in Blog, Scaffolding |

Fall protection systems for scaffolding are a system that is implemented to prevent a fall from occurring on-site.

For this blog, Network Scaffold Services will talk you through fall protection systems in greater detail.

They should be appropriate for the intended task with scaffolders fully trained and competent in how to use them safely. All equipment needs to be inspected regularly (on a monthly basis) by a competent person and before each use.

If a worker falls, the arresting force on the safety harness must be under 610kg. Lanyards need to be suitable for use plus the size of the worker. Anchor points must be reasonable and ready to take the force of someone falling. You will need to have procedures and an emergency plan in place describing in detail how to rescue a worker who falls from height. Individuals using fall arrest systems cannot work alone.

What are Different Types of Fall Protection Systems?

Personal fall protection systems will ensure an individual worker is protected while work is undertaken at height and as already stated, must be appropriate for the intended work.

A fall restraint system prevents the worker from getting too close to some place they could fall from. Work positioning systems will allow a worker to be stable when working hands-free.

Fall arrest systems will catch an individual or a worker if they fall and can be used with a life rail system and horizontal lifeline that allows them horizontal movement while being hooked on.

This type of system requires a high level of supervision and competency. All workers must be fully trained for using fall arrest systems and safety harnesses. Ongoing competency needs to be demonstrated and assessed.

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