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Do You Require Access Scaffolding in Tamworth?

Do You Require Access Scaffolding in Tamworth?

By on Mar 17, 2022 in Blog |

Access scaffolding in Tamworth has grown in popularity over the past few years. This might largely be due to the fact that there have been record numbers of construction and home repairs commissioned. Luckily, Network Scaffold offers premium quality scaffolding in Tamworth amongst many other areas. So let’s take a look at what access scaffolding is and how it can relate to your home or business in Tamworth. 

What Is Access Scaffolding? 

Access scaffolding is scaffolding that can be easily erected and dismantled for temporary construction amongst many other purposes. 

In this regard, the clue is in the name. Access scaffolding provides ease of access to your current site. The three main purposes of access scaffolding include: roofing maintenance or repair; shoring for unstable structures whilst property redevelopment and new building constructions. 

Commercial Sites In Tamworth 

There are a large number of commercial buildings in Tamworth that are either undergoing development or might need construction in the future. 

Commercial buildings could be constituted as office buildings, warehouses and retail shops. For anyone that has visited Tamworth; you know that the area has, like many towns in the UK, a  over abundance of these buildings. 

Residential Buildings In Tamworth 

As previously alluded to, access scaffolding is not mutually exclusive to commercial buildings. If you live in a residential home in Tamworth and require work on your property; access scaffolding can help. 

Access scaffolding can be very handy when it comes to quick and effective roof repair and other general building maintenance. 

When erecting any scaffolding on a suburban premises; you will want to pay particular attention to potential permits that might be required. Generally, if the scaffolding is confined to only your premises, you do not require a permit. However, as soon as the construction takes place outside of these perimeters, you will need to seek the necessary approval. 

Do You Need Access Scaffolding In Tamworth? 

Are you based in Tamworth or a surrounding area and require access scaffolding? If so, please get in contact with us. We offer many fantastic quality services which include safety decking and plastic hoarding