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The Diverse Uses of Safety Decking

The Diverse Uses of Safety Decking

By on Jan 20, 2021 in Blog, Safety Decking |

Safety decking from Network Scaffold Services, are often utilised indoors to undertake repairs and redecorating work at ceiling height.

These systems are almost always constructed on the inside of the new build properties so tasks such as installing floor joists, plaster boarding and painting ceilings can be completed safely and securely.

Because they are internal deck scaffolds, safety decking is usually a lighter duty structure which means they can be built and dismantled quite quickly. Although there should still be full consideration for health and safety regulations. Trade contractors such as painters and joiners need to be assured of a safe working environment just as much as builders working on an open construction site.

It is important to remember, this type of decking system needs to be built by qualified scaffolders.

What Does Safety Decking Look Like?

Safety decking needs to be tied or braced to the scaffolding to make sure that the top boards are stable. This system needs to be tested before it is used to ensure that it does not sway or list to the side.

For a safety deck to be safe, close attention needs to be paid to the top work platform which should be built with no gaps. It is advisable that appropriate protective measures like toe guards or rails are included. This structure must offer an enclosed working area for contractors, avoiding any risk of falling through any gaps to meet industry standards.

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