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What is the difference between Safety Decking and a Work Platform?

What is the difference between Safety Decking and a Work Platform?

By on Dec 30, 2020 in Blog, Safety Decking |

Safety decking, sometimes referred to as a crash deck is meant as a temporary scaffolding platform that is used to stop falling objects during the demolition process.

When it comes to working on scaffolding; there are two options for working at height – a work platform or safety decking supplied by Network Scaffold. If an employee is working on safety decking, they will not fall. If they were to fall onto a fall arrest bag, the bag will be cushioned which therefore makes the g force limited. The fall is not cushioned on typical decking and falling is still potentially dangerous.

It is recommended that a falling person is not exposed to a force of more than 14g. An 80kg person falling as a deadweight from just one metre on to a safety deck that yields no more than 2cms will be exposed to a g force of 50g. The more rigid the safety deck, the greater the g force. If the deck only yields 1cm, the force is doubled to 100g.

Safety Decking from Network Scaffold Services

Network Scaffold has recently started supplying safety decks as an innovative fall prevention system plus a light-duty access platform.

Our team of specialists have moved into the safety decking market recently with our systems being used for New Build construction sector. After initial research, we decided that a new product would best complement our existing clients plus help us to build up a portfolio of new clients looking for safety decks.

Network Scaffold’s decks are easy to erect and consist of components that form an access deck, which helps to prevent falls from structures and can reach the storey height for floor joists, concrete beams and roof trusses installations.

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