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Demolition scaffolding services from Network Scaffold

Demolition scaffolding services from Network Scaffold

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Network Scaffold work with a number of leading demolition contractors in Derby and Nottingham. Our scaffolding work covers a wide range of intricate, complex demolition, dismantling and deconstruction projects.

The majority of these projects are in areas where space is limited. As standard, we also offer scaffolding protection and support for the duration of the demolition project.

The demolition process explained

A building’s demolition brings significant hazards, especially when the building or structure is so close to other buildings and live working environments.

The type of demolition scaffold we offer is subject to the contractor’s chosen demolition method, which often requires full encapsulation of the building incorporating dust and falling debris measures.

With most demolition work, a degree of asbestos removal invariably occurs, and we can provide fully licensed scaffold structures.

Building encapsulation for top-down demolition

With a number of local authorities redeveloping large housing estates, it involves the demolition of high-rise tower blocks. These blocks are very close to each other with the space around them being quite restricted.

The most commonly used method of demolition is ‘top down’ which involves demolishing the building floor by floor.

When conventional demolition occurs close to live environments, buildings, roads and railways, Network Scaffold will provide scaffold structures.

We also provide safety decking for sections of buildings and structures that will allow workers to safely navigate the area without fear of falling.

The disciplines of health and safety

Here at Network Scaffold, the health and safety of workers and the general public is an integral part of our management function. We will always comply with all applicable laws and regulations and look to adapt our management resources to the latest recommendations.

Get a no-obligation scaffolding quote from Network Scaffold

If you are planning a demolition project soon, contact Network Scaffold Services today for a no-obligation quote for our scaffold structures.

We have also recently added plastic hoarding and safety decking to our portfolio, giving our clients the full range of services.